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3rd STAGE ARAD - National DragRacing Championship

Aeroportul International Arad

Drag Racing

RoDrag Racing launches as the new force behind the National DragRacing Championship in Romania, under the auspices of the Romanian Sports Car Federation (FRAS). With a fresh vision and an unwavering passion for the world of motorsport, RoDrag Racing promises to bring the competition to a new level of excellence and spectacle.

Dedicated to the promotion of drag racing culture in Romania, RoDrag Racing aims to organize unforgettable events, which will attract both established drivers and new talents, passionate about top speed and competition. Through the close collaboration with FRAS, RoDrag Racing guarantees high standards of safety and professionalism, offering an ideal platform for pilots to test their limits in optimal conditions.

The events organized by RoDrag Racing will be characterized by dynamism, innovation and accessibility, ensuring that every participant and spectator will have a memorable experience. With special attention to details and a firm commitment to the development of the community, RoDrag Racing positions itself as the leader of a new era in Romanian drag racing.

Follow us to be aware of the latest announcements and to be part of the speed revolution! RoDrag Racing is here to redefine the passion for drag racing in Romania.